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"The PaJean Journey"

An Original Colored Pencil Drawing by Jamie Schaffran Perry © 2015
34" x 46" on Arches Paper

"The PaJean Journey" was commissioned by Pamela Bassett to honor her mother Jean, and the 21 Persian cats they took to Grand Champion status. Three of them achieved Cat of the Year. The PaJean Look is the name of their cattery.

"The PaJean Journey" is one of the largest and most complex drawings I have ever created, taking most of 2015 to compose, design, and render. It is filled with love, history, symbolism, and cat hair! I made a small replica of this drawing that I hang in my booth. The 2016 Del Mar (CA) Cat Show was its first debut to the "Cat World"! What fun it was to hear friends recognize Pam and Jean! Many had stories to share about their 20 years together showing cats! And many of Pam's friends knew those cats!

All those Grand Champions are pictured here in chronological order starting from the upper left, just below Pam and her parents. Here is a guide for you to meet them all --in order-- by following their Yellow Brick Road.

On the way you will see the red Dodge van that the Bassetts purchased after "Trinket Love" earned the Cat Fanciers' Association 1994 Cat of the Year. The van carries the organization's logo on its roof, and Trinket Love's achievements on the door.

Along the road you will see golden-bronze bricks that form the letter 'T'. They will point you in the correct direction as you travel. They are there to honor Jean's cats whose names always started with the letter 'T'. You'll meet Kim, Pam's sister, a commercial pilot who often helped Pam, Jean, and their cats fly to cat shows. In this drawing, Kim flies a biplane pulling banners that celebrate The Pajean Look cattery and the back-to-back Cat of the Year wins across the Millennium, represented by fireworks. Pam and Jean commemorated their three Cats of the Year by minting pink, blue, and silver doubloons which were tossed to everyone who attended the 2000 CFA Awards banquet. In this drawing, they fall from the sky with the fireworks. You will also meet Grand Champion Persian "Don Casmarro" who went to live in Brazil and started The PaJean Look's international bloodlines. (He sits on a globe featuring South America.)

Jean passed away in 2007, where this journey ends. Pamela commissioned this piece to tell their story.