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Eye to Eye - black cat looking at moth print


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Here's the story behind this piece:

I awoke one summer morning to find a large, male Western cecropia moth on my screen door. As I am an amateur entomologist, I stared at him in amazement and got all goosebumpy with my good fortune! He was absolutely beautiful! Since I was inside, and he was outside, I'm not sure he saw me at all. I crouched down a bit to look at him more closely - so closely that I could actually see through the clear scales in the centers of the eye spots of his wings.

Very slowly and carefully, I opened the door and stepped out to his side of the world. He didn't move. I decided to test my luck and extended my index finger to touch his feathery antennae. He didn't flinch, in fact, he seemed very relaxed with this whole experience! All day long, as I carefully went in and out of that door, I communed with this gorgeous creature.

As the sun was beginning to set, I saw him begin move his legs a little. I knew he would be leaving soon. I watched him as he pumped his wings to ready himself for his night flight. Suddenly, he released himself from my screen door, and flew directly toward me. I stood as still I could and held my breath as he played in my hair, his wings quickly fluttering and fanning me with a tiny breeze! Then, with his soft, velvety wings, he kissed me on the cheek and in a moment he was gone.

This magical experience inspired "Eye to Eye". The black cat is really me...

Since its release as a limited edition print in 1994, "Eye to Eye" has become one of my signature pieces. It was reproduced from the original colored pencil drawing in an edition of 800 offset lithographs, printed on archival paper with fade resistant inks. Each print measures 13 1/3" x 17 1/3", is hand signed and numbered in pencil by the Artist, and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Unframed.

The original colored pencil drawing has been SOLD.

©1993 Jamie S. Perry

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Product Reviews

  1. Eye to Eye

    Posted by Barbara last year

    Hi, Jamie! This handsome black cat and beautiful moth are, still, adorning my TV room wall! The framing is perfect, as well. ...enjoyed reading that which inspired you to execute the drawing. I shall keep your story, as well! Thanks!

  2. Just like my guy

    Posted by Beth 2 years ago

    I bought this print and love it. My Simba used to have stand offs just like this. He ended up licking them but not hurting them. He was a special guy and I can't thank you enough for bringing back a wonderful memory.