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"Hey Kid!" - traditional apple-head Siamese cat looking backward giclee print


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This is a portrait of the cat who started it all! Her name was "The Kid" and she became the founding mother of J. S. PERRY ORIGINALS. She came into my life riding the shoulder of the man who was to become my best friend, soul-mate, and husband for so many years. The Kid was the first cat to enter my life, and she taught me what Catdom was all about.

If it weren't for The Kid, I may never have had a successful art career. If it weren't for The Kid, I would not have met the wonderful friends and collectors who call themselves Cat People. If it weren't for The Kid - Spock, Gilda, Picasso, Jack, Dylan, Jesse James (Thief of Hearts), Diamond Lil, Java Bean, Shayna, Gracie, Kukui, Whoopi and Suzy-Q would not have all been in my life inspiring so many drawings.

When The Kid died at almost 19 years old, I created a portrait in her typical pose. We would see her staring off into space (probably meditating) with her back to us. Michael would call, "Hey Kid!"

Her response was to flip head backwards to look at us him, economy of motion at its finest!

Reproduced from an original colored pencil drawing each limited edition offset lithograph is hand-signed and numbered. Each print measures 13” x 18” and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


Please call 707-935-1334 for framing options and pricing.

© 1992 Jamie S. Perry - Artist retains all rights.

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