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Pussywillows - gray kittens and cats as the pussywillow plant lithograph


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I grew up in northern Illinois where the winters were long and cold. Just the kind of place pussywillows need to grow. My dad planted a pussywillow bush in our back yard, and when it would start to bud and burst into hundreds of fuzzballs, we knew spring had arrived. As a child with a vivid imagination, I wondered if these catkins became real cats at night, while everyone was sleeping. (It's the magical time elves and fairies appear. Why not this?)

But try as I might to get up early enough to catch them before they turned back into fuzzballs, I never did. But I still think it could happen!

"Pussywillows" was created in 1984 as an original colored pencil drawing and published in a limited edition of 800 offset lithographs. Each is printed on archival paper with fade resistant inks. Each print measures 12" x 16", is hand signed and numbered in pencil by the Artist, and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Unframed.

The original colored pencil drawing has been SOLD.

©1984 Jamie S. Perry

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Product Reviews

  1. Pussywillows Owner and proud of it!

    Posted by 3 years ago

    My friend bought a picture for me from an estate sale, When she gave it to me in a beautiful matted/frame to boot. I thought at first it was a very nice watercolor of pussy willow plants. But when I looked close I saw the little kitties in the pussy willows and hollered in delight! Certification on the back of the picture has the "Pussonalities" label with the kitty face in the cup cake. and a certificate stating this was #442/printed 04/26/84 The artist signed the print-looks like pencil and numbered it #442/800 I consider my self an amateur artist but have a great appreciation of good, fine art. I consider this beautiful painting (lithograph print) to be a very fine and beautiful piece. It looks like water color and boy oh boy if I could only paint like Jamie! Very happy to own this. The greatest gift I ever got! Thank you, Jamie for, making the world a much happier place. From Jamie: What a lovely review! The mission of my art (colored pencil drawing) is to make people smile! I'm glad my "Pussywillows" found you! Enjoy!