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The Arrivals - three Sphynx cats in cat carrier giclee print by Jamie S. Perry


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Sometime back in the 1980's I was displaying my art at a cat show when an exhibitor placed a cat carrier on the table directly in front of my booth. She sat down, unzipped the 'front door' of the carrier, and -one by one- three little four-footed beings slowly emerged, sniffing everything around them. They were wrinkly, had Dumbo-sized ears, and wide, lemon-shaped eyes! As they explored new territory, their person saw me, curiously wondering...

"They're Sphynxes", she said. "They're a breed that is almost hairless, very intelligent, and loves to play." Almost on cue, these little 'aliens' became at ease with their new surroundings, enchanting everyone who came near them. In my head, I heard excerpts of music from movies that featured contact with beings from other worlds. I remembered "The Trouble with Tribbles" episode from STAR TREK - only without the hair! It was then the original idea for this drawing took form in my sketchbook.

By 2012, Sphynx cats had gained immense popularity and had won the hearts of folks outside the world of cat shows. I was being asked for more and more drawings of the breed. As I was leafing through an old sketchbook, I rediscovered the sketch I'd scriibbled so long ago. Above it was scrawled, "They've arrived!"

(A note: The red markings on the flap of the cat carrier were designed after studying various alphabets and font styles of alien languages. If the phrase could be seen in its entirety, it would translate into the words "We come in purrs.")

Each print of "The Arrivals" is a hand signed and numbered giclee reproduction of my original colored pencil drawing. It is limited to an edition of100, printed on 100% cotton paper with fade resistant inks. The print measures 8" x 10" and has hand-deckled edges. A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

For framing options and prices, please call me at (707) 935-1334.

©2013 Jamie S. Perry - Artist retains all rights.

Shipping charges include boxing and insurance. Please include your CONTACT PHONE NUMBER with your order.

I use Federal Express to ship my fine art.

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